Weird, Wacky Tracks

In the mid 90s my friend Luigi Serafini, who’s an amazing artist, asked me to write something to play for his gallery show in Milan, Italy. I put this together as a semi-composed, semi-DJ’d experiment for him.  I recently came across it. It’s really crazy but fun and I just thought I’d put a few of these old bits on here for whatever odd folks might care to listen. It was all made at home with samples—no live playing. Just a fun romp.

B16-P10-017 2.jpg

My very, very first recording ever. Audubon Jr. High School School—I’m guessing 1968 when I’d have been in the 8th or 9th grade. They did a musical production ever semester. That year was “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”. I was cast as Frump, the boss’ nephew and although I had bits in a few songs, this song, “The Company Way”, was my main featured number. I sang along with my best friend, Billy O’Rullian, who was cast in the lead role. The unmistakable sound of a public school Jr. High Orchestra is worth having this recording in itself. My voice had clearly just changed,  and I feel it threatens to crack every moment. My pitch was horrible, (still not great), but here it is!!!

IMG_0647 copy.jpg

from the archives