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September 2019: Nerdist Article

Author Lindsey Romain of Nerdist dives into Danny’s collection of objects and oddities. “Danny Elfman hasn’t always been drawn to strange things. In fact, he used to be frightened of all sorts of seemingly innocuous items, like broken doll heads and ventriloquist dummies and hands.” -Lindsay Romain

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August 2019: Gramophone Podcast

Danny Elfman is known to millions for his scores for over 100 movies, including many collaborations with the director Tim Burton, not to mention his inimitable title music for The Simpsons. This summer he released a new album on Sony Classical containing his Violin Concerto and Piano Quartet. The concerto, written for and played by Sandy Cameron, joined by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra conducted by John Mauceri, was the subject of a conversation Gramophone's James Jolly had with Elfman. But they started by talking about the emergence of the specialist film composer in the past 50 or so years.


August 2019: GeffEn Playhouse Unscripted

Legendary composer Danny Elfman joins Rory to talk about his recently joining social media, how negative reviews early in his career helped create his success, beginning as a street musician, how he went from rock star to film composer, and his recent classical work and new violin concerto, "Eleven Eleven."


january 2018: This is lincoln Center

Hosted by Live From Lincoln Center producer Kristy Geslain talks with Danny Elfman about his classical music influences and the challenges of creating music for the concert hall.

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January 2018: Cinema Cafe

From Sundance Film Festival 2018, Cinema Cafe with Gus Van Sant and Danny Elfman. Moderated by Logan Hill. Produced by TimesTalks, New York Times. 

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November 2017: Justice League

DC's iconic heroes have a legacy in film...but they do in music as well. With Justice League, forty years of classic superhero themes unite into one new sure-to-be-iconic Danny Elfman score. Elfman tells DC All Access how he worked familiar themes for Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman into the music he composed for Justice League and what approach he took to new characters such as Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash.

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November 2017: Build Series

Danny Elfman discusses "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" in concert live to film

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FEBRUARY 2015: FRoM the top w/ christopher o’rielly

Danny Elfman appeared on Show 302, recorded at University of Colorado Denver, on February, 20, 2015.

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2009: New wave entertainment

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